100th Anniversary

On 15 November 1915, the WUT rector Zygmunt Straszewicz
gave an inauguration speech. Its fragment should be
quoted on the celebrations of 100 Years
of the Revival of the Warsaw University of Technology:
Gentlemen! For sure in secondary school each
of you dreamt about academic freedom.
And actually here you will have more
freedom than there. But the reality is
never as beautiful as a dream,
especially for a young person.


4 January 1826 – 19 November 1831 Functioning of the Preparatory School for the Polytechnic Institute, the first technical school in Warsaw, founded by Stanisław Staszic. The school provided education in technical and economic fields. Director of the School was mathematician Kajetan Garbiński, professor of Warsaw University.After just a few years of existence, the Preparatory School was closed down in 1831, as part of repressions after the outbreak of the November Uprising. Then, for almost 60 years, Polish people did not have a centre for education of engineers, despite intensive development of the industry and transport infrastructure on the Polish lands.
4 September 1895 Opening of the Maurycy Mitte School of Mechanics and Technology, a technical secondary school, financed by owners of a Warsaw banking house, Hipolit Wawelberg and Stanisław Rotwand. The first director of the School was Maurycy Mitte, professor of the Mining Institute in Petersburg. The School had two faculties: of mechanics and of civil engineering. The curriculum covered four years of learning and the language of instruction was Russian.
8 June 1898 Establishment of the Tsar Nicolas II Warsaw Polytechnic Institute, a technical university in the Russian partition area, where classes were conducted in Russian. The Institute with academic rights comprised three faculties: the Faculty of Mechanics, of Chemistry and of Engineering and Construction. In 1902, the fourth faculty was opened – the Faculty of Mining. Poles constituted only 20% of the teaching staff, though Polish students accounted for over 70% of all those studying.
1897–1899 Architects Stefan Schyller and Bronisław Rogóyski designed the buildings of the Polytechnic Institute: the Main Building, the Building of Chemistry, the Building of Mechanics, the Building of Physics and two residential buildings for the administration and professors.
9 September 1899 Celebration of setting the cornerstone for the Main Building of the University.
28 January 1905 Strike of Polish students who demanded the autonomy of the University and Polish as the language of instruction.
15 November 1915 Establishment of the first Polish technical university – Warsaw University of Technology. Studies were conducted in Polish at the faculties of: Architecture, Machine Design and Electrical Engineering, Chemistry and Civil and Agricultural Engineering. The first rector was prof. Zygmunt Straszewicz.
13 February 1916 Opening of the first academic house in the building given to the University by the Citizens’ Committee of Warsaw, in 50 Polna Street.
1920 Warsaw University of Technology had its first graduates. In 1920/21, 54 diplomas were awarded and the number of students was 3200. Warsaw University of Technology became one of the largest technical universities in Europe.
1921 Competition for the University emblem. The Senate approved the emblem project developed by a student of the Faculty of Architecture, J. Ogórkiewicz.
August-September 1926 First 4-week preparatory course for candidates applying to the University, organised by Brotherly Help in cooperation with the University authorities.
1 September 1939 Outbreak of World War II, which stopped the activity of the thriving University. In the academic year 1938/39, the number of students exceeded 5000. Among 6200 diplomas issued at the time, 320 were awarded to women.
1942 –1945 Establishment of the State Higher Technical School, a two-year-long half-higher school with Polish as the language of instruction. Apart from official education at the level approved by German authorities, professors of the former University conducted secret courses. During the German occupation period, secret courses were taken by circa 3000 students and engineering diplomas were awarded to 198 people.
22 January 1945 Resumption of classes at Warsaw University of Technology. By the end of the year, all faculties functioning before the war had been reopened.
1951 Joining the Hipolit Wawelberg and Stanisław Rotwand Engineering School with Warsaw University of Technology. The Faculties of: Materials Science and Engineering, Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Power and Aeronautical Engineering, still emphasise the historical traditions of ”Wawelberg students”.
1954 Establishment of the WUT Student Club ”Stodoła”.
1963 At Warsaw University of Technology, there were 18 student research groups, for example groups for: Chemical Apparatus, Water Constructions, Cybernetics, Agriculture Mechanisation. The groups associated 700 students.
1967 r. Establishment of the Scientific and Teaching Centre in Płock. At present, Warsaw University of Technology, Płock Branch, realises the mission of education of employees for the needs of the economy in the North Mazowsze region.
11 April 1981 On 11 April 1981, Warsaw University of Technology, as the first university in Poland, democratically elected its rector. Prof. Władysław Findeisen was chosen, member of the Polish Trade Union ”NSZZ Solidarność” (Solidarity).
30 October 1991 On 30 October 1991, the Senate of Warsaw University of Technology adopted the resolution on establishment of the Business School, which has become a leader among Polish academic institutions that provide education for managers.
2002 In 2002, prof. Adam Proń, Ph.D., D.Sc. (WUT Faculty of Chemistry), as the first representative of our University, was awarded the Prize of the Foundation for Polish Science, known as the Polish Nobel Prize. In 2006, the prize was awarded to prof. Leon Gradoń, Ph.D., D.Sc. (WUT Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering)
1 March 2007 On 1 March 2007, the Third Age University of Warsaw University of Technology was launched. The Third Age University offers education and intellectual and social development to people who have retired from intensive professional activity.
13 February 2012 On 13 February 2012, the orbit was reached by the first Polish satellite - PW-Sat. It was built by students of Warsaw University of Technology with the support of the Centre for Space Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
2013 Year of professor Jan Czochralski (1885-1950) - ”world-renown scientist and inventor, crystallographer, chemist, metallurgist”, creator of the fundamentals of the electronic industry. Since 1929, professor at the Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology, the Division of Metallurgy and Metals Science. On 17 November 1929, in recognition of his scientific achievements, he was awarded the honoris causa doctorate of Warsaw University of Technology. On 27 October 2011 he was included, as an outstanding Pole, in the Pantheon of Polish Inventors and Discoverers.
15 listopada 2015 r. 100 years of the Revival of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Programme and organisational committee

Adam Struzik Mazowieckie Province Marshall
Jacek Kozłowski Mazowieckie Province Governor
Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz President of the City of Warsaw
Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz Cardinal Archbishop of Warsaw
Lena Kolarska‑Bobińska Minister of Science and Higher Education
Joanna Kluzik‑Rostkowska Minister of National Education
Michał Kleiber President of the Polish Academy of Sciences